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Website Design

responsive design

Websites are now pushing their limits to new heights in terms of their visuality.

Our expert website design team offers your customers easy-to-use, practical and understandable websites that are attractive with their visual diversity.

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

people really matter

Unlike traditional merchandising, e-commerce enables to easily buy the products they want from their homes or workplaces

E-commerce makes businesses more efficient by reaching a wider audience…

Expanded Reality

exploring the future

Virtual Reality technology can help your customers experience, interact and connect more with your products.

We bring your business to this new era of education, training, experiencing and experimenting by offering digital transformation solutions…

Online Education

digital education

he online world develops, so do our education processes by getting evermore digitalised.

There are obvious reasons why people choose online education platforms in this digitalised world…

Social Media Management

digital transformation

Boost your business’s social media presence with our expert digital marketing services

Our dedicated team crafts and executes effective strategies to connect with your target audience…

Consulting Services and Research Projects


Do you need help finding, securing funding and managing your projects in the European and international frameworks?

Look no further than Virilio Technologies!

Rewenable Energy

Our team will design a solar panel system to fit your needs and budget.

Civil Engineering

Our skilled architects and designers are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.


On their digital transformation journey, businesses have many challenges.

Mobile Application

With our mobile application development service, we enable your.